Super Simple Eco-Swaps this Christmas: Wrapping Paper

Super Simple Eco-Swaps this Christmas: Wrapping Paper

Let’s talk about wrapping paper. All that Christmas wrapping paper seriously adds up. In the UK alone, we throw away enough wrapping paper to circle the Earth nine times (at least) every Christmas! Unfortunately, a lot of wrapping cannot be recycled (especially the shiny, metallic ones), resulting in 227,000 miles of waste.

The easiest way to tell if wrapping paper can be recycled is to scrunch it up. If the paper unravels it cannot be recycled. If it stays scrunched up, it can, but you’ll need to make the effort to remove any leftover plastics (such as sellotape, stickers and bows).

Say hello to new ideas

Support recycled

This year, we challenge you to jazz up your gifts with 100% eco-friendly ideas. For starters, there is 100% recycled, unbleached paper on the paper on the market which has been printed with vegetable inks. Just Google 100% recycled paper and you’ll be presented with lots of lovely festive designs. Happy choosing!

Make your own

An exciting project for many this year. Purchase yourself a large roll of brown postal paper and decorate it with stamps and ribbons. Imagine that! Making totally personalised and unique wrapping paper. Those stamps can be re-used every year on Christmas cards, tags and envelops so will end up much better value for money. Swap plastic ribbon for natural materials like hessian and twine.

Wrap it with a wrap!

Say hello to furoshiki - a traditional Japanese cloth-folding technique that allows you to wrap up your gifts with a single piece of cloth! Dating back to the 14th century, (when people used to wrap clothes into a secure bundle while visiting public baths), the Japanese government re-launched the idea several years ago as a campaign to reduce furoshiki’s dependency on plastic bags.

There are tons of different Christmas fabrics on the market, and you’ll have a giggle watching YouTube videos and learning all of the various ways you can wrap up different shapes and sizes!

What to wrap up?

Still stuck for an eco-gift idea? We’ve got lots of #crueltyfree goodies that all promise that ‘feed-good’ factor without any compromise. We pride ourselves in making our products as #zerowaste as possible. Head over to our online shop and browse our goodies.