7 Zero-Waste Hacks for Men

7 Zero-Waste Hacks for Men

Men, we’ve totally got your back when it comes to going Zero-Waste. Cutting down on waste is REALLY easy. Our biggest piece of advice is to breathe new life into the things you own when you’re typically finished with them. By turning them into something new and keeping them out of the landfill, you’ll naturally be putting less strain on the planet and reducing the cost of buying new things.

For anyone who has purchased our tinned hair wax or furniture polish or notices their spouse coming to the end of their tinned cosmetics, keep hold of them for these quirky hacks.

Here are 7 fun ways to re-use your tins!

Create A Man Tin

Every guy is known for carrying around ‘odd’ items including random DIY bits, loose change and keys to bike locks or the shed! Whatever rattles around in your pocket, keep it safe by creating a man-tin. A fuse? A guitar plectrum? Your man tin will take great care of the items we must keep for ‘just in case’ scenarios!

Host a Game of Finger Football!

A fun idea for Dads to play with their kids. Set up your tins as the goalposts and get kicking with those fingers. Children will love the quirkiness of this game, and most will have a bouncy ball they are very proud of showing off to use for the game.

Spice Up Your Life.

Like to add some heat to your dishes? Have you been working on a spice-blend for home-made curries? Aluminium tins are great for storing spices in. They are airtight, so keep them fresh and secure. You can also create fun labels like ‘Blow-your-head-off Jalfrezi’ or ‘Lucky-dip’ and see who dares try your spices. If you don’t grow and make your own, why not take a tin to a nearby zero-waste / refill shop? Wave goodbye to plastic-packaged spices!

Keep an Eye on Your Change

It’s not very fun when you’re in need of some spare change for the car park or shopping trolley. We’ve all been there - jamming our fingers down the sides of our car seats and desperately checking the glove box. Take control. Keep a little tin in your car and keep topping up with loose change. Then next time with the ice-cream van pays a visit or you need to park the car, you can stay calm and collected by going straight to your tin.

Bust out some Beats

The perfect boredom buster. Need 5 minutes out to get in touch with your creative side? Just fancy getting into a rhythm? Need a distraction? Collect different size tins and set them up on your desk, work station or even bathroom and bust out some beats. This is a great one for getting the children involved. Let them hit the tins with different items to see what fun sounds they can create.

Catch those Crumbs!

It’s true. NO ONE likes crumbs in the bed. Keep the misses happy during midnight snacking by catching your crumbs. Munch away on snacks at your desk or breakfast bar? Scoop your crumbs into a tin and empty into the compost. A great way to clear the evidence, like that sneaky biscuit ever existed.

Keep Tackle Sealed Away

No one likes flies or maggots in the house. Keep your fishing bait secure with our tins! Portable, waterproof and lightweight you can even pop them in your pocket for easy access. No need to have nightmares about finding rouge maggots in the car.