January Gold Mystery Box (£30 worth of KiteNest Goodies)

Our January Gold mystery box is your perfect start to a zero-waste 2020. It will include a selection of our zero-waste cosmetics - ranging from skincare to haircare, to bathroom accessories like wooden brushes, soap bags and dishes.


Take your pick!

Mystery Box

5 Stars I bought the hair wax for my boyfriend but I also have one of their salt scrubs which is great, has a really fresh scent and leaves a lovely feel on the skin. I also love the eco-friendly packaging they use. Kerri

Do you like a mystery, a surprise, getting more than you paid for? This one’s for you!

Our January Gold box is filled with KiteNest zero-waste goodies, and each one will have a minimum retail value of £30 so that means you’ll be getting over £10 of KiteNest products for free! Sometimes taking a gamble pays off. Vegan boxes are available.

For this Gold Edition, ANYTHING from our store is up for grabs. We’ve got luxurious salt scrubs, reusable face wipes, lush lip balms, hair wax, soaps, shampoo bars, wooden combs… the list goes on. All we can guarantee is this: it will help you prepare for a zero-waste 2020!

**Please note, photos are for illustration purposes only to showcase the different products that could end up in your box. The number of items in your box will vary on the price of the products.

You can always be sure that all KiteNest products are 100% natural with no nasty surprises, and none of our ingredients or products are ever tested on animals.

Furry / Scaly / Feathered friends rejoyce!