Bricks & Mortar / Online Stores Looking for a new addition to your store? Partnership with a brand demonstrating strong ethical foundations like your own? Something exciting that will keep your customers coming back again and again? We’ve got you covered…

Our unique range of “cosmetics without compromise” are not only built on strong principles, but also great design and scientific precision. We’ve worked hard to create just what consumers crave by coupling fantastic cosmetics with attractive, functional and fully recyclable packaging.

Our no filler approach to product creation means that every KN creation delivers superb results, whilst giving customers fantastic value for money. We can offer you attractive price breaks and short shipping windows. If we’ve convinced you then why not give us a call?

Subscription Boxes KiteNest products are a huge hit in subscription boxes due to our strong ethics (100% Natural, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free etc.), attractive packaging and uncompromising quality. We work with companies big and small to supply products within varied lead times. On occasion we choose these boxes to launch new products and variations, so make sure you ask us what we’re currently creating in the lab.

With a wide range of products, including organic, vegan friendly and plastic packaging free, we can support you with the perfect lead product or a final addition. Even if you’re starting out, don’t worry, we’ve been there too and we know what it’s like! We’re more than happy to discuss smaller orders with you, including those when you’re not quite sure on the final product numbers required.

Contact Chris & Markus hello@kitenest.co.uk // 07534825195

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