Creating a blog post

Please find below some help/advice for using Shopify to add blog posts.

Apologies if some of it appears obvious.


Keep it relatively short, a single paragraph and don’t add any formatting.


The main content of the blog post can be written in a single 'wysiwyg' editor. This gives you control some styling aspects of the page. However, in an effort to maintain consistency throughout the site, we recommend sticking to the following rules.

  • Avoid using UPPERCASE  - it is difficult to read and there are other ways to make text stand out
  • Like, bold - feel free to use bold but do so sparingly - entire paragraphs shouldn’t be bold.
  • Or, italic.
  • Don’t use underline as users may confuse them with links.
  • Alignment should always be left-aligned
  • Don’t change the text colour
  • If you are copying/pasting from another piece of software then paste without formatting

We have put a rule in place that will always make the first paragraph larger.


This isn’t about styling and is really important for both accessibility and search engine optimisation. Heading levels should be sequential and used to indicate sections of the article. 

The article title will always be a Heading 1 so you should never select this.

Sub-headings should be 'Heading 2', sub-headings within that should be 'Heading 3' and so on. Headings shouldn’t skip.

For example this article looks like this:

  • Heading one (Creating a blog post)
    • Heading two (Content)
      • Heading three (Headings)
    • Heading two (Images)

Don’t include links in headings


When you add a link, make sure the text you highlight makes sense out of context. e.g. click here to find out more about our salt scrubs - don’t just highlight 'click here' - this is important for accessibility and seo.


Images should be full width.

Don’t use images as headings or to convey important points.

Images should be a minimum of 1000px wide and can be square, landscape or portrait. They should be .jpg format.

When you add an image you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Make sure you select 1024x1024 in the size dropdown menu—note that this doesn’t mean your image will be square.

Always add 'Image Alt Text' as well, this should describe the image you’ve added.

Unfortunately there is no option in Shopify to add captions to images. In the case you want to add a caption then do so as a new paragraph, in italics underneath the image.

Featured Image

The featured image should be square and at least 1000px x 1000px - it can be bigger than that, the template will size it accordingly.


The site doesn’t currently use tags but feel free to add them as you go along in case we decide to use them in the future.


You can hide articles by selecting 'Hidden' and choose a past or future date by selecting 'Set a specific publish date'


We are not currently using an author field.

Related Products

Select 'More actions' from the top of the page and 'Edit custom metafield' you can then add up to 4 products to the blog post - if you are using this then please add at least two, otherwise it will look a bit sparse.