10 Uses for KiteNest Body Butter

10 Uses for KiteNest Body Butter

1. Hand Care Using a small amount of our body butter you can leave your hands soft and moisturised without any greasiness. For damaged and dry hands you may wish to use a larger amount and before bed it may be an idea to apply before placing on some cotton gloves and allowing the natural oils and butters to do their work throughout the night.

2. To Soften Dry Patches Heads, shoulders, knees, ELBOWS! Some areas of your skin will need an extra moisture injection from time to time and this is where KiteNest body butter comes in. Due to it’s naturally moisturising properties our body butter gives quick and effective results when used on extra dry skin. Remember to apply sparingly as a little goes a long way!

3. Foot Care For daily foot care rub a small about of our body butter into your feet either after a bath or shower or after a long day on your feet. For those feet that need a little extra care try placing generous amounts onto your feet before bed. Once again cover witrh a cotton sock and allow the butter to do it’s work.

4. Cuticle Softener Like our lip balm the KiteNest body butter is a great treatment for your cuticles. Apply gently and enjoy the results.

5. Eye Make-up Remover By applying a small amount of our body butter to a moistened cotton round you can gentle remove eye makeup. Obviously be careful as you use it to condition your lases and remove waterproof mascara.

6. Face Moisturizer All skin types can benefit from this by applying warm butter to your face, much like applying face oil. Massage gently into your skin with gentle upwards strokes, across your forehead, pinch into the jawline and again upwards into your cheeks.

7. Neck and Décolletage Moisturizer Much like above use upwards strokes to massage warm body butter into your neck.

8. After Shaving Leg Balm Our body butter is natural and great for application to sensitive areas like freshly shaved legs. Use long strokes to massage the butter into your legs and hey presto, no more fish scale legs.

9. Lip Balm Apply as you would our lip balm. It’s not the same formulae but if your travelling and you’ve forgotten our lip balm then this will provide as a temporary alternative.

10. Massage On its own coconut oil can be used as an effective massage oil. KiteNest body butter includes Coconut oil with the addition of a number of other butters and oils. Massaging with our body butter will leave your skin silky smooth. Warm in your hands before application and feel how wonderfully it glides across the skin.