15 Uses for Rosemary

15 Uses for Rosemary

A perennial evergreen herb with a wonderfully distinctive smell, rosemary has been traditionally used to add flavour in Mediterranean cooking. Although it’s now a popular addition to British gardens, many people are unaware of the huge versatility of the herb. Luckily for you, we’ve accumulated a list of 15 ways you can use rosemary around the house to really make the most of its abundant benefits.

  1. Combine rosemary leaves with apple, lemon juice and sugar to make a jelly great for accompanying pork or lamb

  2. Chop fresh rosemary and add a few teaspoons to a soup or stew as it cooks

  3. Make a yummy lemon and rosemary sorbet or shortbread

  4. Sprinkle finely chopped fresh rosemary on bread dough before baking, or onto a homemade quiche before cooking

  5. Clear a head cold by steaming with hot water enhanced by fresh or dried rosemary*

  6. Add to chicken or potatoes (or both) before roasting

  7. Add rosemary and a squeeze of lemon to softened butter and refrigerate to make a herb butter for chicken

  8. Put a sprig in a glass of limeade or Pimm’s

  9. Make your own pot pourri by drying rosemary, lavender, geranium, bergamot, roses, or any other strong smelling flowers that dry well. Break up petals and put them and the leaves in a lidded jar. Leave for at least a fortnight for the scents to combine before transferring into bowls

  10. As rosemary has great antimicrobial properties, it can be used to make a mouthwash to help reduce halitosis*

  11. The herb is also a rich source of anti-inflammatory compounds, so it may help to ease tired limbs by increasing blood circulation. It may also help with digestive problems like heartburn, bloating and loss of appetite*

  12. Rosemary traditionally has a reputation for improving memory and used as symbol for remembrance. Remember in Hamlet when Ophelia goes mad and starts handing out flowers? She says “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember”. Despite her state, she may have been on to something; modern research indicates that rosemary can be linked to memory improvement. Try sipping a cup of rosemary tea to see if it helps boost your mental clarity*

  13. Try using rosemary to help calm emotional stress. Although research has been inconclusive, for some people the herby aroma may help. If that’s you, you could try breathing in the steam from rosemary tea, add sprigs to a soothing bath, or put a few drops of essential oil on your wrists*

  14. Simmer it in water before cooling and apply to scalp as a hair tonic. Whether this actually benefits the scalp is up for debate, but we reckon it’ll smell great regardless*

  15. And, of course, you can treat your skin to a nourishing whipped lemon and rosemary body butter, great for pampering and moisturising the skin after a long day (or a long soak in the bath). Available here.

*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee any health benefits of using rosemary. Please research before using and do a patch test before using anything new on your skin. Always read product labels and talk to your doctor first if you’re thinking of using herbal remedies.