5 reasons to love our Himalayan Salt Scrubs

5 reasons to love our Himalayan Salt Scrubs

We’re not going to lie. Everyone deserves a good body and face scrub. They’re magical. They’re loaded with super ingredients which help with skin rejuvenation, confidence and give you that feel-good factor. Here are 5 reasons why our scrubs stand out from the crowd.

1) They smell absolutely delicious

Who doesn’t want to smother their skin in beautifully-scented Himalayan salt? All of our salts are (except for ‘Naked’) are lightly fragranced with essential oils, ensuring that each jar is infused with a scent so delicious you’ll be tempted to eat it. We’ve got minty wake-ups, refreshing orange and ginger and our lemon and lime scrub literally smells like Starburst!

2) Our salts refresh your appearance

While many beauty products can improve the look and feel of your skin, our body scrubs work even harder. By exfoliating with our scrubs, the large granules of Himalayan salt creates a rough texture which can dig deep into your pores. They remove your dead outer skin (including blemishes and skin discolouration) revealing nothing but your healthy, glowing skin below. Our scrubs not only contain natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which help reduce acne breakouts across your body, but are also loaded with moisturising oils including Avocado, Almond, Coconut and Vitamin E - all superfood for your skin! Your new softer, refreshing skin will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped right out of a spa!

3) They reduce stress

Let’s face it - our lives are busy. We reserve very little time to look after ourselves, everything and everyone else comes first. So by consciously focusing your time on scrubbing your face and body, it can work wonders on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Our large, coarse granules of salt also help to stimulate blood circulation. Exfoliating in a circular motion, the abrasive texture invigorates skin, strengthening and firming the tissue which helps to release skin pressure and tension. You’ll find the circular motion and scents will also relax you and slow down your breathing.

4) They’re Zero-waste!

All of our scrubs are completely plastic-free! They’re packaged in fully recyclable and reusable glass jars with aluminium lids. Once you’ve used up all of your scrubs, the leftover jars can be upcycled into many creative uses including candle handles, wormeries, terrariums and storage jars for taking to zero-waste stores. We love sharing ideas on how to upcycle your tins and jars, so make sure you give us a follow on your favourite social media channel.

5) They’re 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!

We pride ourselves on making health and beauty products that are 100% natural. We can reassure you that our scrubs are all handmade, contain no added nasties and will be kind to your skin. None of our ingredients is ever tested on animals and all of our scrubs are vegan-friendly. So you can relax and pamper yourself knowing your fresh new look has come at no environmental or ethical cost! Enjoy!