7 Stocking fillers for eco-lovers

7 Stocking fillers for eco-lovers

Don’t let plastic-tat or cheap bargains influence your stockings. Fill them with beautiful zero-waste and plastic-free goodies.

Here are seven stocking fillers from us - all £12 and under - which you won't regret.

1. Body Butter


Keep your skin smooth and supple with our range of indulging body butters. Our whipped body butters are packed with natural oils to nourish and enrich your skin giving you a noticeably softer feel. We've got Lavender, Orange & Ginger, Clove & Lime, Lemon & Rosemary, Peppermint & Lime and Naked. Which one takes your fancy?

2. Aniseed Lip Balm

£12.00 for 3

A warming hit of Christmas to the lips. A completely natural aniseed balm which will moisturise and protect your lips. Remember those good old days when you’d fill up a brown paper bag of aniseed sweets? This has the same effect. 

3. Bamboo Nail Brush with Coconut Bristles


Hands and feet will love this. Made of 100% natural and biodegradable materials, this elegant nail brush is durable and environmentally-friendly.

4. Bamboo toothbrush holder


A great addition to your plastic free bathroom. These eco-friendly toothbrush holders allow your bamboo toothbrushes to dry properly whilst the elemental symbols makes sure you don't accidentally mix up your new eco brushes with your nearest and dearest.


5. Natural Hair Wax

£10 for 2

Perfect for a healthy hold, styling and texture. It's coconut and avocado oils ramp up shine and strength, while its tea tree oil tend to your scalp and hair health.

6. Bamboo comb


Made from bamboo, this comb will keep your hair neat and tidy, gently easing out any knots or tangles without causing damage. It will fit so comfortably in your hand, it’ll feel like it’s always been by your side.

Great for applying products (including our Organic Dry Shampoo) and arranging hairlines. Plastic free, vegan and completely biodegradable.

7. Sisal Flower Shower Scrunchie


A strong and sustainable bath scrunchie made from natural plant fibres for scrubbing away dead cells and dirt - leaving your skin fresh and renewed.