5 Ways to Upcycle your Tins

5 Ways to Upcycle your Tins

We believe in making things built to last. So when your KiteNest body butter or lip balm is all used up, your tin should continue assisting your life as a happy companion.

All our products which arrive in tins are made from 100% aluminium. They are lightweight and provide 100% protection against oxygen, light, moisture and other contaminants, ensuring your cosmetics stay fresh and effective. Even better, aluminium cans are part of a true ‘closed loop’ recycling process, meaning they can be recycled over and over again without losing their quality. This means less waste sent to landfill. But before you pop them into the recycling bin, we want to inspire you to keep hold of your tin for a little longer. They can be upcycled for many creative and purposeful uses. Take a look at our ideas below!


You can’t beat growing a bit of cress. Great for any beginner and is especially a nice way of introducing children to grow their own. Rinse out your tin and lin with a layer of damp paper towel. Add a very thin layer of soil and/or compost and drop your seeds on top. These can be stored literally anywhere in your home or garden (cover with a paper towel to stop them from getting eaten) and they will grow. Egg and cress sandwiches anyone?


A great way for parents of little ones. Our tins are lightweight so are easy for little hands to grip. Their shininess is very attractive and you can fill them up with dried lentils to make noises, or place different sized tins instead one another to create a game of Russian dolls. Or, add them to a homemade sensory basket. The options are endless!


Our larger tins are perfect for storing reusable makeup wipes in. They are also fab for transporting wipes on the go. Prepare your wipes by soaking them in warm water (you could even add a splash of scented baby oil) and put them in your tin wet. Our tins seal well, so won’t leak or let out any moisture. When in need, simply pull one out and use. Collect the dirty ones in a separate tin. Now, that is zero-waste!


Don’t go wasting money on a circular cookie cutter. Rinse the lid or base of our tin and press away! You can also use our larger tins to store other cutters in too! No more letting cutters jam the kitchen drawer or fall at the back at the cupboard. Don’t forget to share those cookies!


No one likes flies or maggots in the house. Keep your fishing bait secure with our tins! Portable, waterproof and lightweight you can even pop them in your pocket for easy access.