7 Sustainable beauty trends for 2022

Women smiling with her eyes shut and framing her face with her hands

We all love to feel and look great. Our cosmetics are an important part of our lives that shape our health, mood and confidence. We won’t stop buying them.  Here are seven beauty trends to empower you in 2022 to help the planet, save water, reduce your costs, and feel good.

1) Embrace non-toxic beauty

Nearly 50% of women are already embracing clean beauty products. Harper's BAZAAR poll revealed over 1,000 women across all ages, races, and ethnicity, and more than 60% of women are willing to splurge on non-toxic beauty products too.

Think about it, most of the cosmetics we use end up staying on our skin for most of the day and cover a large area. So finding a natural, non-toxic replacement is an effective way in reducing what chemicals, parabens, phthalates or genetically modified ingredients absorb through our skin.

Going paraben-free is not only kinder for your skin, but also kinder for the environment. Low levels of butylparaben have been linked to coral reef destruction, and chlorinated parabens (which form when parabens come into contact with chlorinated tap water) have been found in wastewater, swimming pools and even natural rivers. The toxicity of these by-products is not yet fully understood, but there are serious concerns over the risk to health that they could pose, as well as the negative impacts that these by-products may have on aquatic ecosystems.

So the more paraben-free cosmetic swaps you make, the easier it is to banish them from your beauty routine. All of our high-quality products - ranging from body scrub to lip balms and hair wax - are 100% natural clean beauty, making the switch effortless and enjoyable.

2) Keep your hands happy 

Your hands deserve the best. Not only because they’re hardworking, but also because the skin on the backs of our hands is some of the thinnest and most delicate skin on our entire bodies. Our hands are one of the very first places where wrinkles appear, and they can be super prone to dryness and conditions like eczema. So it’s extra important to use good quality, natural products on your hands.

Our indulgent body butter is packed with nourishing ingredients that work to protect and strengthen your skin’s natural barrier. Your hands will be left super soft, glowing and healthy. By contrast, many non-natural products contain parabens and harsh chemicals, which can cause dryness and irritation to your hand’s delicate skin.

Our body butter also arrives in generously sized tins, helping you reduce your plastic consumption and carbon footprint. Over ten years, the swap to a tin of monthly body butter could save you between 120-240 plastic bottles.

3) Sud up!

Natural soap bars are pretty fantastic and have several brilliant benefits over liquid soaps and shower gels. They are much kinder to the planet, are of better quality and contain skin-loving fats, oils and glycerine to leave your hands nicely hydrated.

Natural soap bars are often wrapped in paper, or other biodegradable materials or arrive naked, helping you to easily curb your bathroom plastic consumption. A good quality natural soap will also last you up to six weeks longer than a bottle of liquid soap, making it better value for money too.

You’re not buying water: Liquid soaps don’t last very long because they’re primarily made up of water, meaning you need to use a lot more product. By contrast, natural soap bars are made from lots of

Then there is the big P-word. Palm oil - which many liquid soaps contain. In recent years, over 25% of Indonesia’s rainforests have been destroyed to make space for palm oil plantations, resulting in a dramatic loss of biodiversity. Thankfully, high-quality natural soap bars are palm oil free (Yippee!).

4) Get sassy with dry shampoo

 Your hair is your crowning glory so treat it with the love it deserves. Naturally. With its many talents, dry shampoo is here to say. It disguises greasy roots, gives incredible texture and enables us to wash our hair less, saving time, water and energy. If you have thin, fine or limp hair, it can also make for a great volumiser.

Our best dry shampoo hack - blast it with the hairdryer. It gives shine, volume and removes any residue.

Our organic dry shampoo is pure plant magic. We’ve mixed plant powders, clays and a unique blend of grapefruit and lime organic essential oils to leave your hair feeling revitalised and smelling great.

By swapping three showers a week to dry shampoo, you’ll be saving 7,800 litres of water a year! We also offer sustainable, refillable packaging for your tin!

5) Perfect plastic-free periods

We’re sorry to tell you, but on average women have approx 450 periods in their lifetime. Uncomfortable and unwanted, at least this is an area you can make the biggest impact in making things better for the environment (and your health).

Sanitary products are the fifth most common item found on Europe’s beaches, more widespread than single-use coffee cups, cutlery or straws. Some 200,000 tonnes of material is believed to end up in UK landfill every year, whilst an estimated 700,000 panty liners, 2.5m tampons and 1.4m sanitary towels are flushed down the toilet single every day in the UK.

Most tampons include chemicals, such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon. There’s also no regular independent testing of tampons or menstrual pads for the presence of dioxins or any other chemical contaminants.

Luckily, there are several products to help make your periods more comfortable, without any eco guilt. Over 10 years, a menstrual cup is estimated to create 0.4% of the plastic waste generated by single-use pads and 6% of that produced by using tampons - helping to decrease plastic pollution. We’ve delved into the pros and cons of the menstrual cup alongside other eco-friendly period options here.

6) Neaten those nails

Make use of a nail brush, you’d be surprised at the volume of germs and dirt that make a home in your nails! Frequently cleaning behind your nails prevents you from getting poorly with infections and viruses. It also helps to keep your hands looking well-polished and removes stains from your skin (dirt behind the nails is never a good look) so is perfect for artists and gardeners.

Our nail brushes are made from bamboo and coconut husk bristles, helping you to say no to plastic whilst keeping your nails squeaky clean. Bamboo has made a real eco difference to the beauty industry. It is the fastest-growing plant in the world, absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide as a tree and is incredibly strong and durable. Lots of beauty products are now available in bamboo including toothbrushes, combs and makeup tools.

7) Don’t sleep in your makeup

Oils and dead skin cells on the outermost layers of the skin are matted up against the pillow all night, taking away your shine and making you more prone to clogged and inflamed pores.

Regular cleansing and exfoliation are integral to revealing healthy new skin cells and allowing the natural repair processes of the skin to occur. Once you’ve established a good skin routine, your complexion will look so glowing, you won't need nearly as much makeup to brighten it up.

At night, if you wear heavy makeup, start cleansing your skin with a reusable makeup wipe and natural cleanser. Don’t be fooled by disposable wet wipes - they contain plastic (polyester) which is non-biodegradable. Disposable wipes are negatively changing our riverbeds and are soaked in chemicals that are harmful to wildlife and our skin. By replacing your night-time disposable wipe with a reusable one, you’ll be saving 365 pieces of plastic each year.

Our Fairtrade disposable wipes are made from super soft cotton, making them suitable for sensitive skin, dry or oily skin and remain delicate around the eye area. Using some natural soap or a gentle cleanser, they will sweep away all pore-clogging impurities and leave your skin thoroughly cleansed. For extra TLC, cool down your skin with moisturiser.

So which trend are you going to start with? Bring on the empowerment of clean beauty in 2022!