7 Ways to Waterless Beauty

7 Ways to Waterless Beauty
Going 'waterless' is the next big trend in sustainable beauty, and more and more brands are staking a claim in this category. As well as improving the environmental and water footprint of formulas, the industry is developing new products and technologies that help consumers reduce their water usage. 

However, using water more responsibly is the most simple step we can all take in reducing our water consumption, especially if we pay attention to water use in our beauty routines and products. 

Here are seven tips for embracing waterless beauty…. 

1) Embrace dry shampoo

Now is your wake-up call if you’ve not already tried dry shampoo. It’s our greasy hair saviour, the waterless warrior, the transformer. Our 100% natural organic Dry Shampoo powder will effortlessly revive limp and dull hair, giving back volume, control, and shine without using a single drop of water! 

Our unique blend of clay and natural powders absorbs excess oils from the scalp, empowering you through another day without having to wash your hair. And guess what? By replacing three showers a week with a sprinkle of our dry shampoo, you can save up to 7,800 litres of water a year! There are so many benefits of tapping into the plant magic of our Dry Shampoo! 

2) Make yourself up with waterless makeup 

Water is the most common ingredient in the formulation of cosmetics, often appearing first on the ingredients list. Depending on the product category, on average beauty products may contain anywhere from 80% to 95% water. This means the 'active' ingredients are diluted, and since water can easily grow bacteria, there is a need to add chemical preservatives, which are known irritants and carcinogens. Other synthetics are often also added to impart a texture or scent to the product experience. So essentially, you’re purchasing a diluted and polluted product. 

Switching to waterless formulas not only helps conserve water but boosts your skin with botanical extracts, nut butter and oils. Many of these ingredients are high in moisturising and antioxidant properties—something you won’t get as easily from a water-based formula. 

Water-free beauty was born in South Korea a few years ago. Its principle is to reduce (or eliminate) the water content in a product to avoid diluting the active ingredients in the formulation. The ultimate goal of water-free cosmetics is to boost the performance of cosmetic formulas.

A higher product performance also means that less of the product may be needed, contributing to sustainable cosmetic consumption and avoidance of product waste. The same applies to shampoo and soap bars. 

3) Set a timer for your shower

Your average eight-minute-long shower uses around 17 gallons of water. Try curbing your water waste by setting the timer on your phone for five minutes. Between sudsing up from head to toe, washing and conditioning hair, shaving and indulging in that favourite body scrub, you’ll initially be shocked at how quickly those minutes pass by. Before you know it, you’ll adapt to this new routine and become more efficient under your shower spray. Are you up for the challenge?

4) Soak your makeup tools

Instead of running your makeup brushes and sponges under the tap for minutes on end, let them soak in a small bowl of water with a few pumps of gentle soap. Gently give them a wash in the bowl! You’ll be shocked at how effective this hack is, and will save water too. 

5) Shave separately

Shaving your legs isn’t the quickest activity. If you rush it, you can nip the back of those ankles (we’ve all done it). Shaving separately from your normal shower routine allows you to switch on the water only when you need to rinse your razor and skin, instead of letting it flow the entire time. It’ll also encourage you to indulge in that full satisfying shaving package of exfoliating and moisturising after. 

If you prefer to do everything in the shower at the same time, turn off the water completely (or use the pause setting on your shower head) to stop the water flow until you’re ready to rinse. 

6) Rethink your face wash

Why waste running water to wash your face when a cleansing balm can do the heavy lifting? Using a reusable face cloth, apply a cleansing palm over your face and neck to take off your makeup, dirt, and pollutants.  

Alternatively, if you prefer washing with water, after dampening your skin, turn off the tap whilst you give your face a good massage. This tip also applies to exfoliating your skin, brushing your teeth and deep conditioning your hair.

7) Replace your showerhead

One of the most effective ways to reduce water waste in the bathroom is to switch your shower head for one with a lower flow rate, which can save you up to five gallons of water every minute. Some showerheads also have different water flow options, enabling you to reduce the water to a trickle whilst you’re shaving or waiting for the water to warm up.