Alternative Uses for Lip Balm

Alternative Uses for Lip Balm

The great thing about lip balm is that beside the obvious use (It’s clearly named after its purpose) there are a number of alternative ways that you can use your beloved tin/stick of lip balm to improve your life.


Isn’t it terrible when you get the cold that’s ‘going around’ at first it’s a few tissues here and there and suddenly your pockets are stuffed with them and eventually you end up with that red, dry and flaky skin and no amount of extra soft tissues are going to bring your regular nose back. Step in lip balm… by applying a small amount of lip balm to the skin around your nostrils you can protect and start to moisture and repair your hooter back to health.

Eye Brows

If like me you have rogue and unruly eye brows, or you feel that you could do with some help keeping them in place then applying a small amount of lip balm could be the trick. Apply sparingly and follow the line of your hair for super slick and well behaved brows.


Elbow, knees and knuckles are just three of the areas are just three areas on our body that can often benefit from some moisturising and protection. Our lip balm is a great substitute here if you’re out and about and one of these areas becomes irritated, dry or cracked. Rub some in to bring some relief and give life back.


Another area that can often do with a touch of moisture, cuticles. It’s easy to apply to your cuticles as and when you apply this to your lips. Gentle rub some of the balm in and you’ll quickly notice an improvement to this area of your skin.


This is the odd one out on this list because it has nothing to do with improving your hair or skin but a sticking zip can be just as frustrating as wild eyebrows (Unless you’re a crazy scientist and wild eyebrows are your thing)

The best thing we provide for sticking zips are beeswax sticks but who keeps that in their pocket? So we recommend applying a little lip balm to the zip and running the zip up and down a few times. After that your problem should be fixed.

Emergency Barrier Cream 

Out in the wilds wind can quickly become an issue when you reach the crest of a hill or turn a corner into a channel of narrow streets. An application of beeswax lip balm like ours to your face can reduce the effects of this sudden change in weather by producing a moisturising and protective barrier. There’s nothing wrong with rosy cheeks but wind burn can jog on!

Heavy Heavy Moisturising 

Deep moisturising treatment for your lips is sometimes a must and the best time for this is over night as you can allow the balm to do its work without the interruption of food, drink etc. Liberally apply lip balm to your lips before you snuggle down for the night and you’ll wake up with vastly improved lips which are much closer to their usual selves.