Argan: The Superhero Oil

Argan: The Superhero Oil

People have been singing its praises for years. It’s been talked about it so much, and used in so many different products, it’s a bit overwhelming trying to work out what they’re all talking about. What is Argan Oil? What can you use it for? What are the benefits of using it? What makes it a superhero oil? Let’s delve in and find out.

What is Argan Oil? 

Argan Oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree. The pulp of the fruit is separated from the nut, and usually used as animal feed (goats, in particular, love this fruit!). The nut needs to be cracked open to get the kernels out. Workers grind, press and filter them, and eventually we end up with argan oil! 

What’s this about goats? Traditionally, to collect the nut from the tree, goats were allowed to climb the trees and eat the fruit freely, and the nuts would be collected from what the goats left behind. This isn’t really done as much any more, but have you ever seen a goat climb a tree? It’s a brilliant sight!

Why is it so good? 

It’s uses are endless. Traditionally used in cooking (although the argan kernels are usually prepared in a different way to use in the kitchen), it’s also suitable for all skin types. Argan Oil is often referred to as a dry oil, which just means that it absorbs really quickly into your skin without leaving an oily residue. It’s gentle enough to be used on your face and body, and can also be used on your scalp and hair. Argan Oil is naturally high in Vitamin E and beneficially fatty acids, so it has a wondrous effect on your skin and hair.

Saving argan trees

Argan Trees are really important in Morocco. They provide food and shelter for animals in the area (and not just goats). Their canopy provides shade, allowing other agricultural products to be grown, and perhaps their biggest job - they help prevent desertification (when the land becomes more dry and like a desert). This happens naturally, but global warming and over exploitation of the land is really speeding up the process and making it a much bigger challenge. The tree’s deep roots provide health to soils, preventing that from happening. Unlike a lot of other products that come from trees, argan oil doesn’t result in any damage to the tree. So by producing argon oil, we’re also protecting trees. 

Face fantastic

Argan Oil is a great product for all different skin types. It’s sensitive and gentle if you suffer from easily irritated skin and highly moisturising if you suffer from dry skin. 

Argan Oil can be used as a simple moisturiser. Just a tiny bit of Argan Oil to rub into your face and neck provides great hydration for your skin, but because it is a dry oil, it absorbs and dries quickly without leaving your face looking or feeling oily. You can use it morning or night, and if you’re a make-up wearer, it’s easy to pop your makeup over the top without having to wait too long for it to dry. It also won’t cause your makeup to slide off your face by lunchtime. 

Putting time on your side 

Some people swear that argan oil works as a natural anti-aging product. In 2015, a trial on post-menopausal women found that consumption and application of argan oil caused increased elasticity of the skin, making the skin look and feel younger.

Balancing your skin

If you have dry or sensitive skin and find that you’re using a toner that irritates your skin, you can use argan oil to make that toner more gentle. Mix a tiny amount with your toner and it can reduce the irritation that your toner is causing. Argan oil is also a great oil cleanser, and because it’s unlikely to block pores, it is especially good if you have oily skin and has been found to reduce acne. 

There is evidence that suggests using oil-based products on oily skin has been proven to balance out your skin. In a 2007 study on sebum production, volunteers used an argan oil based cream twice a day, for 4 weeks over the winter. 95% of volunteers said they had visible reduction in the amount of excess sebum on their skin and the areas with oily spots decreased by 42%.

Great for the body

The easiest way to use argan oil on your body is as a replacement for body lotion .It’s best to use a small amount over your skin in the morning. It will soak in nice and quickly, meaning you won’t have to sit for hours in an oily puddle.

Helping bumps

Argan oil has also been popular with expecting and new mums, as a way to soothe and treat their skin complaints, while remaining natural and safe for them and their baby. A preliminary study in 2016 found that argan oil had a positive effect on increasing skin elasticity. They found that this meant argan oil was beneficial for the prevention or early treatment of stretch marks.  

If you have sensitive skin, argan oil is calming and anti-inflammatory, meaning that it’s excellent to use when your skin is irritated. You can smooth a small amount over your skin after shaving to soothe your skin, and you won’t need to worry about any nasty chemicals getting into any small abrasions.

Bath buddy

A more luxurious way to make your argan oil work for you is by putting a few drops into your bathwater. Not only will this give your whole body some great hydration but you can lie back and soak, feeling like an Ancient Egyptian Queen or King.

Helpful hair uses

Argan oil can be used to moisturise and look after your hair. It works brilliantly as a deep conditioner. It provides your hair with nourishment and hydration, but because it’s so light, it is much easier to wash out than other deep conditioners. 

Many people claim that argan oil can help prevent hair loss, or promote hair growth. One theory behind this is that when used on the scalp, it gives hydration and improves the health of a part of your skin that is often forgotten or ignored. Helping out your scalp is only going to help your hair look fuller, thicker and more healthy. 

Argan oil is also dry and lightweight, it can actually be used to help style your hair. A tiny bit of argan oil applied to the dry, flyaway bits of your hair will give you more control without weighing the hair down and making it feel like you have any product in there.

So there you have it. A round up of uses you won't regret. It's clear that argan oil is one of the best beauty superheroes on the block. No matter the skin or hair issues that you’re facing, this powerful oil is here to save the day. 

And seriously, go and watch a video of a goat climbing a tree.