Creating The KiteNest (aka KiteNest HQ)

Creating The KiteNest (aka KiteNest HQ)

The other day I wrote about making small batch natural cosmetics for KiteNest. As you most likely know these are all crafted in Lincoln by Chris and myself but do you know where we make these?

The short answer is KiteNest HQ, and the long answer is a custom built laboratory which enables us to make product, research new additions to the range, pack post and promote everything we make and all that we do.

Initially we looked at renting somewhere but to ensure security and longevity we opted to construct our own premises. Starting out as a custom built deluxe workshop we quickly started to shape KiteNest HQ into the workspace that we have now.

An empty shell is a beautiful thing when your head is swimming with ideas. Once the ground had been prepped and the outer frame had been delivered we could begin to fit everything we would need in a way that would be best for us.

The key considerations for us were cleanliness, temperature and space. We had to ensure we had a clean and safe environment to create products in line with legislation. We needed to insulate to ensure that temperature changes couldn’t damage the workshop or its contents. The space needed to be maximised so that it became a practical and creative environment.

We started with insulation on the walls, roof and floor. Then strengthening the floor and laying a lino floor. Next we fitted all the walls with white boards that were sealed (so watertight) and easy to clean and then within this area we began to fit worktops, cupboards, power, ventilation and a sink area.

Our finished workshop is somewhere we now spend a lot of time and it’s a great feeling to sit within your own Kingdom like this. We really feel that the perfect workshop has allowed us to create the best products again and again.

The only addition each time we open the door is the selection of the perfect soundtrack.