Emergency Cup - KiteNest 101 Ways to Recycle

Emergency Cup - KiteNest 101 Ways to Recycle

Such a simple one here for turning your tin or tub into an emergency cup for when you're out hiking

This one is dual purpose; one tin, two uses.

There are a number of things you can do with a KiteNest tin when you take it out with you on a hike and most of them revolve around storage but there's one good use that can help you out when you're in a tight spot and you don't feel like dunking your face in a stream. Use it as a cup!

We'd like to remind you to clean our the tin or tub first! It may be a small measure device but once you've had a few gulps it's good to refill and have some more.

Obviously when you're around water always take care to ensure it is safe for human consumption and make sure you don't fall in!

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As with all our recycling guides there's a serious message so please make sure that our tubs and tins never end their life on a landfill site and are used to their full potential.

Follow our guides safely and sensibly under the supervision of an adult where required.