Fast growing houseplants for those without a "green thumb"

Fast growing houseplants for those without a

Plants have always been a popular feature in our homes, whether it's for air purity, aesthetic, or simply a love of greenery! However, it can be a little daunting when you're looking to bring a new plant into your home, especially if you've been known to be a plant killer in the past. Charlotte Sutton brings you some handy tips for keeping your green friends fit and healthy. 

Plant beginner tips

First up, don't dive straight into the deep end. I know the temptation (I really do!) but please wait on getting that exotic plant you’ve had your keen eye on, until you’ve had more experience in plant care! Nail the basics first and then with a little research, you can work your way up to the really sexy plants. Trust me - I learnt the hard way!

One of the best parts about being a new plant parent = the excitement of seeing your plant thrive under your care. Here’s three of my favourite houseplants. All easy to care for, widely sold and will give you easy satisfaction of watching them grow at a quick rate:

1) Spider plant - Chlorophytum Comosum

2) Devil's Ivy - Golden Pothos 

3) Jade/Money plant - Crassula Ovata

I water all three plants once a week, a little less in winter. However, each plant is unique. Each home is unique. Your room conditions such as sunlight, soil, and plant pots can all affect how often they need watering. You can always check the moisture in the soil with your finger when unsure. There are also plenty of handy plant apps to download to help you with a schedule to avoid under or over watering. 

Propagating your plants

If you’ve already mastered the basics of plant ownership and want to take things up a notch? One word - propagation!

All three above plants are amazing for propagating! For those who don't know - propagating is taking small cuttings from a plant to grow more plants. I do this often and either spread small ones around the home, or give them to my family and friends. 

  • Spider plants may shoot out a long stem of flowers and a mature enough plant should produce babies from the stem. They root amazingly well in water or soil, but I choose water propagating to see the root growth! Top tip - make sure to regularly change the water. You can also split a larger plant to make a new plant. 
  • Devil's Ivy can be grown up a moss pole or from a hanging plant. It will keep growing and growing, and if it gets too big for your space, you can trim it (below the node, a slight bump or ridge in the stem). They also root fast in water or soil! Either plant it in a new pot, or straight back in the original to give a thicker look to your Devil’s Ivy. 
  • There are two ways to propagate a money plant. Either trim it leaving some stem length on the cutting and put in water or soil to root.  Alternatively, you can snip off a few leaves and space them out in soil, with the cut edge slightly pressed into the soil, and mist regularly. You will eventually see roots or a small shoot coming out of the leaf. Leave it to grow until more established, as to not damage the plant or roots. You can do this with pretty much all fleshy succulents! This second method requires a little more patience, but the tiny plants are adorable! 

A few more plant recommendations

There are many other low maintenance plants out there like Aloe Vera, Snake Plants and Peace Lilies, all highly recommended to newbie plant owners. 

It doesn't take long to become a pro plant parent. Just leave yourself a little time to learn about your individual plant's needs and cater to them!

This blog was written by Charlotte Sutton. Visit her Instagram profile on @paisleyposies