Get Your Hiking Boots Out This Spring

Get Your Hiking Boots Out This Spring

Wandering through the White Peaks of Derbyshire last Tuesday morning I thought about what a beautiful winter’s day it was to be outside on a hike. But as the day grew older and I soaked in the warm air, rays from the sun, and the occasional patch of crocuses, I realised this isn’t really winter any longer. Filled with excitement, I spent my drive back towards Lincolnshire visualising all of the hills, dales, and peaks I wanted to climb in 2017.

If like me your weekends are precious and you’re heading to Lincoln for a few walks, let me point you in a few of the right directions. But take your OS with you…

Lincoln, South Carlton, Burton Village Circular approx. 9 miles

  • Walking directly from Brayford Pool you can follow the river out towards Burton Waters turning off the main waterway as you get past the golf course.
  • Following a right hand path you then follow the public bridal way until you reach Saxilby Road.
  • Make sure you’re really careful crossing the road and follow the path along the river to Burton Bridge.
  • Crossing a small country road continue straight ahead alongside a handful of fields for a couple of miles.
  • Turning right over a metal bridge you’ll see the church of South Carlton village - walk towards it.
  • Once in the village, turn right and follow the main road past the village hall. Soon afterwards follow a diagonal footpath on your left across a grassy field.
  • The path climbs slightly up to a gate. Once through the gate follow a clear footpath until you reach Burton village.
  • Walking past the manor on your right, continue to Main Street.
  • Turn left up Main Street, climbing to Burton Top. Once at the top follow the road right and back into Lincoln.
  • Once you reach the roundabout at the top of Yarborough Hill follow Yarborough Road back down to Brayford Pool.

Spires and Steeples Metheringham to Lincoln Approx. 12.5 miles This is a great linear walk between Metheringham and Lincoln. Walking against the traditional direction of this walk it’s quite quick and simple to take the train between Lincoln and your start destination. This walk winds through a number of small Lincolnshire villages and spends the last third of the walk heading up towards the iconic Lincoln Cathedral. From experience this is a great morning walk to end with a late lunch in the city centre before the final climb to uphill Lincoln. Take a look at the route here

Aubourn Pub Circular Approx 4.5 miles Who doesn’t love a pub circular before or after a good hearty Sunday lunch? Grab the route here

Knights Templar or The Viking Way (2 routes) This is a great Stepping Out Walk leaflet (one of many). I’ve walked this area many times, crossing and following the famous Viking Way or creating circular walks to Templar’s tower. There is a great pub and café in the village of Wellingore. The route card has a really clear route and some local history thrown in for good measure. Take a look.

So with spring here and Easter somehow already creeping over the horizon, there’s no time like the present. Grab your pack, a waterproof and your boots and you’re set to go - and if you’ve got one don’t forget your dog for company.

I look forward to hearing how you get on.