Grow Cress on your Windowsill - KiteNest 101 Ways to Recycle

Grow Cress on your Windowsill - KiteNest 101 Ways to Recycle

Well this one is a classic, who hasn't grown cress in a jam jar, yogurt pot or from a saucer?!? The steps are simple and if you've never done it before, now's the time to give it a go pr do with the kids. 

What you need: 

  1. 1 pack of cress seeds
  2. Some water (rain water is always best for seeds)
  3. Some peat-free soil or compost, or kitchen roll
  4. A KiteNest tin (we suggest one of the large 250ml tins) rinsed and dried. 

What to do:

1. Place the soil into the tin until it reaches 2/3rd of the way up to the rim. Alternatively you can fold a piece of kitchen roll in half twice and place this at the bottom of the tin.

2. Evenly sprinkle your cress seeds onto your substrate. 

3. Gently water until the soil or kitchen roll is nicely moist. If you've used soil then sprinkle a very fine layer over the top of the seeds so they are lightly buried.

4. Pop your tin on the windowsill and be patient. Within half a week, you'll soon start too see the seeds sprout to life. 

5. Keep the cress moist. Don't allow it to dry out on the windowsill.

6. When your cress has fully grown (anything above 5cm is fab), it's time to harvest your crops. Snip off the tops with scissors and enjoy a tasty salad or sandwich with the addition your cress!

7. Repeat until you've satisfied your cress cravings indefinitely.

Happy Memories

I can remember regularly being lifted up to check the progress of my windowsill cress and eating a sandwich containing the fruits of my labour (although it's not very labour intensive).

Why recycle? 

As with all our recycling guides there's a serious message about the amount of waste we throwaway in the UK? We want to provide you with as many ideas as possible to try and ensure that are jars and tins never end their life on a landfill site

Please, follow our guides safely and sensibly under the supervision of an adult where required. 

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