Help Us Go Plastic-Free, Forever!

Help Us Go Plastic-Free, Forever!

We’re on an Eco-mission!

So, if you’ve landed on our website, it’s very likely that you’re already a fan of our sustainable and zero-waste working ethos. For those that have visited us out of interest, here are our two business goals that we’re super passionate about:

1) Creating 100% natural and sustainable cosmetics; free from all those nasties like palm oil, parabens, and animal testing.

2) Becoming a completely zero-waste and carbon-neutral company, using only natural and sustainable packaging materials.

Help us go Plastic-Free, Forever!

We’ve already worked hard to ensure that all of our products and packaging are 100% zero-waste and 100% natural - all except for the lids of our Organic Dry Shampoo.

Made from recyclable plastic, it has been a long and tough search in finding a sustainable alternative. But alas, we’ve finally found an alternative cap, made entirely of plants! The only setback is that the creators of these lids require a minimum order of 15,000 lids and tubes! As a small, family-run company, placing such a large order is completely out of our grasp.

That’s why we need your help!

By supporting our campaign, you’ll be replacing our plastic lids with a natural plant-based alternative, making plastic a thing of the past at KiteNest. So, will you help us take this plastic-free jump?

Although good Karma goes a long way, we’re offering you some KiteNest goodies in return for your support. Every pledge above £13 earns you one of our new plastic-free Organic Dry Shampoo tubes. Want to pledge more? Terrific! We’ve got a ton of rewards to help you on your own plastic-free journey too. Head over to our campaign page to see what you can earn.

Want to see us go completely vegan too?

Happy times! If you help us exceed our target, we can become a 100% vegan business! By smashing our £7,000 plastic-free target and reaching £8,000 we can transform all of our formulas and ingredients to be entirely plant-based. Who doesn’t want health and beauty products loaded entirely with plant power?

What happens if we don’t reach our goal?

If we do not reach our goal to source the new plant fibre lids, then every pledger of £13 or more will receive a KiteNest Gift Voucher for the full amount of their pledge e.g. £20 pledge = £20 KiteNest Gift Voucher. This voucher will be valid for 12 months from the day you receive it. There really is nothing to lose out on. Pledge today!

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to our campaign and pledge your support now! Let’s make plastic a thing of the past and blast modern society with affordable and zero-waste beauty, skin and hair care products! Let’s create a market where plastic-free beauty is accessible and inspiring to everyone.