Helping the Homeless this Christmas

Helping the Homeless this Christmas

Homeless people don’t just want money. They want comfort, company and emotional support. Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for anyone rough sleeping. It’s a freezing and lonely experience.

At least 320,000 people are homeless in Britain, according to research by the housing charity, Shelter. This suggests that nationally one in 200 people are homeless. Facing many threats on the streets, a recent investigation revealed that more than 440 homeless people died in the UK within temporary accommodation or on the streets in the past year alone. Causes ranged from violence, drug overdoses, illnesses, suicide, and murder. Ages ranged from 18 to 94 years.

Young people are at risk too.

When we think about people being homeless, we often don’t consider them being young. Statistics from the charity, Centre Point, reveal that 18,000 young people won’t have a place to call home this Christmas. In 2016/17 alone 86,000 young people approached their local authority because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness.

25% of our profits to Crisis.

Here at KiteNest, we want to be part of the solution. We want to give help and support to homeless people this Christmas. During November 27th to December 15th, we donated 25% of all profits from online sales. In total, we raised £394.52 - enough to support 14 people under Crisis’ Christmas appeal.

The national charity for homeless people, Crisis, give critical shelter and support to homeless people and also campaign for societal changes needed to solve homelessness altogether.

This Christmas, support people out of homelessness.

There’s still time to donate to Crisis. Crisis also has a fantastic specialised Christmas plan. For a £28.18 donation, you can transform the way a homeless person spends their Christmas Day and bless them with:

  • A warm welcome and good company
  • Three nutritious, hot meals daily, including a delicious Christmas dinner
  • A bed for the night, if needed
  • A chance to shower, freshen up and get clean clothes
  • A health check and treatment from a doctor, optician and dentist
  • Expert help with mental health and addiction problems
  • Advice on housing, employment and benefits
  • A way out of homelessness for good through Crisis’ year-round training, education and support.

More importantly, this one off donation could help someone leave homelessness behind for good. To donate directly to Crisis, please visit their Christmas appeal here.