Helping to look after our local NHS: Week 1

Helping to look after our local NHS: Week 1

Last week, we received a call from our local NHS Trust - Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust. Their frontline staff were really suffering from tired, dry, and cracked hands and the moisturisers they could get hold of weren’t cutting it.

So they approached us. Asking to see if we could supply them with something really moisturising to fix their exhausted hands. Of course, we said yes.

We’re delighted at this opportunity to help some of our local heroes who’re saving lives.

Much needed care for overworked hands

So, in a nutshell, we’re going to be dedicating our time making over 1,500 pamper packages for Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust. These will be distributed to their healthcare staff who’re on the frontline looking after patients through this horrendous crisis period.

We’ll be creating over 4,000 natural skincare products for their pamper packs. Our Shea-rich natural Body Butter and exfoliating Himalayan Salt Scrub are top of the list.

Making it work

Social distancing rules is going to make this challenging of course. Our workshop is tiny that only one of us can make products in there at one time. So, Chris will be making the body butter and smaller items while Markus has started to kit out his utility to make the Himalayan scrub. Both will be following strict safety and hygiene legislation.

Emma is also keeping up communication with you all while looking after her three sprogs. She’ll be making sure you’re all kept in the loop during this busy time. And of course, ways you can also get involved.

How can you show your support to key workers?

As soon as our family and friends found out about us making these pamper packs they were eager to help. They wanted to know how they could ensure as many staff as possible could be rewarded. So, we’ve come up with a Key Worker / NHS pamper box.

These special boxes are filled with our zero-waste goodies. Each will have a minimum retail value of £40 - so that means hardworking staff will receive an extra £15 of treats. It will range from our nourishing body butters to soaps and lip balms, making sure key workers hands and minds receive some TLC.

You can either pick up one of these boxes for yourself, order for a loved one or donate a box to Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust. This will then be added to the pamper packs we will be sending to then, ensuring that as many staff as possible are thanked for their hard work. Each donated box will also be personally signed off with your name.

Lots of support already

Our little KiteNest community is wonderful. Already, we’ve received 10 donations - a mixture between our local NHS Trust and those you’ve sent out to your own hardworking heroes. Thank you so much in sharing the love and getting involved with this initiative.