Helping to look after our local NHS: Week 5

Helping to look after our local NHS: Week 5

What a crazy few weeks it has been! We wanted to let you know that we’ve finished handmaking everything for the NHS pamper packs we’ve been working on. Hooray!

Last week, we handed over 3,500 of our natural cosmetics to Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust. Rewarding their staff to some pamper time, they received a mixture of our naked body butter, Himalayan Salt Scrubs and lip balm. We had a few challenges along the way (including social distancing measures, converting Markus’ kitchen into a temporary workshop and balancing childcare and other key worker roles), but it felt great handing them over in the end. We’ve already had some lovely comments from the staff enjoying their treats.

We had a surprising amount of support from you - asking if people could donate extra packs. And since making our NHS / Key Worker Pamper Box listing, we’ve had generous donations pouring in! Thank you. We’ll be sending off these pamper packs soon to reward even more staff.

Whilst we are still fighting this pandemic and continuing to build resilient communities, we have decided to keep this listing open. This means that you can continue to donate packs or choose to send one to a colleague, family member or friend (or, even yourself!).

These special £25 boxes are filled with our zero-waste goodies. Each will have a minimum retail value of £40 - so that means hardworking staff will receive an extra £15 of treats. It will range from our nourishing body butter to soaps and lip balms, making sure key workers hands and minds receive some TLC.

Thank you for supporting our journey along the way!