How Long Does Beeswax Last?

How Long Does Beeswax Last?

My Beeswax is almost out of date… erm, nope! Much like Honey if stored correctly Beeswax will never go out of date so it’s a great addition to KiteNest products.

Beeswax found on old shipwrecks has been melted down and used as if it was sourced last year. Beeswax has been used as long as we can recall, found in Pharaohs tombs, Roman ruins and the sunken dragon boats of the Viking Northmen.

The great thing about beeswax is that it’s not just some useless lump of discarded bee litter. The uses for beeswax are near endless. I for one first used pure beeswax on the zip of my wetsuit and any other zip that kept jamming or needed protection.

Beeswax is used in candles, polish, hair products (like ours) and this is not just for the waxing properties, although they are often the main reason.

One of the best things about beeswax candles is that they purify the air by removing allergens from a room. When you mix this with some essential oils, say bergamot you’ve got the perfect bedroom candle which relaxes and removes allergens before sleeping.

Beeswax furniture polishes have fantastic waxing properties and I mean fantastic waxing, especially when you use ours (not that I’m biased) but that third coat is really worth it, it really sets it off. Its not just about the wax though because it’s bits important to remember that when mixed with the right oils the beeswax is a great protection and food for your furniture and wooden surfaces.

This all leads me back to my point. Beeswax doesn’t go out of date and when looked after properly its a great addition to your hardware drawer or under your sink.

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