How to say ‘I love you’ without the eco-guilt

How to say ‘I love you’ without the eco-guilt

Another Valentine’s Day. Another date that brings a surge in demand for cut-flowers, chocolates and tatty gifts. As the world edges towards a global population of 9.6 billion by 2050, it is important to stop and ask ourselves: is this commercial novelty worth the water, chemicals, land, air-miles and carbon footprint? We say no. Here’s how to say I love you without the eco-guilt.


The connection between roses and love can be traced to Aphrodite in Greece or Venus in Rome: the Goddesses of love. As romantic as they look, the flower-cut industry uses extensive amounts of agrochemicals. The aftermath: air, soil and water contamination. Around one-fifth of the chemicals used in the floriculture industry in developing countries are banned or untested in the US. This is dangerous for our health. The flower industry also creates huge pressure on water resources. To meet demand, water is being exported through international trade from some of the most water-stressed countries. Then there are the air miles. Hundreds and hundreds of cargo planes packed with flowers flying around the world in the build-up to Valentine’s Day. Growing aviation demand is significant, as greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane trap heat in the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. We say - forage for your own. Going out of your way to hunt for the most beautiful flowers is far more romantic and sustainable. Look for Chickweed (with its petite white flowers), Primroses and Sweet Violets (which smell of perfume). Combined, they make a romantic, sweet-swelling posey. If you’d still prefer to shop-buy, pick up a Fairtrade bouquet.


We strongly believe that the best gifts in life can’t be purchased. Planning an experience with your loved one, not only creates memories but brings bonding and romance. There’s a trip to the theatre, wild glamping under tree canopy, or planning a hike or bike trip with some picnic nibbles. If you’re feeling super brave, we challenge you to get those hearts racing with a splash of wild swimming.


Let’s not even go into the details of plastic tat. You know the stuff. Plastic roses, heart-shaped toast cutters, miniature balloons. Poundland has even come up with a ‘gift of nothing’. A hollow plastic heart to represent that they got their loved one ‘nothing - exactly what you asked for’. To think, these items are going to outlive all of our Valentines we will ever see. They can also cause harm to wildlife, add to plastic pollution crisis and even end up being ingested by us. We have to stop giving into it.


If you’d rather pick up some traditional chocolates and flowers that’s fine. Being mindful and planning in advance can make a big difference. When it comes to chocolate, don’t be swayed into the cheap brands. Buy organic, or locally-produced. Checking the packets to ensure you’re not supporting unsustainable palm oil is also a good habit to get it into. Support products with the Rainforest Alliance Logo. This Certified seal meals that you are helping to advance the cultivation of sustainable cocoa, improving living conditions for farmers, while protecting forests and wildlife. When possible, opt for minimal packaging instead of heart-shaped boxes or plastic moulds.


Treat you and that special someone to our ‘Naked Mystery Box’. Guaranteed pleasure - these boxes will include our Naked Himalayan Salt Scrub. These crystals are perfect for doubling up as bath salts and protecting some time to pamper yourself ahead of your flirty date. You’ll also get our Naked Lip Balm (great for kissing), alongside a surprise of some of our other feel-good ethical and natural cosmetics that arrive ‘naked’ - without any packaging.


The world is already flooded with jewellery, clothing and cuddlies. Reduce the demand for fast fashion and pollution by shopping second-hand. Vintage jewellery charms stories, history and uniqueness. And it doesn’t demand any mining. Clothing can be repurposed and given a new lease of life for your fun date. Cuddlies can find new cosy homes too.


The most eco-thing you can do this Valentines: donate to an environmental cause. One of our favourites is ReWilding Britain. Imagine helping to plant a new woodland that you could visit every February, watching it as it grows and brings new life each year.


You know that the world needs less plastic. You’ve even enjoyed making your own plastic-free swaps. But, nothing feels better, than when the person you love takes that journey with you. Inspire them with one of our starter kits, showing them how sexy and easy living waste-free can be.