How to Use Beeswax Furniture Polish

How to Use Beeswax Furniture Polish

For solid hardwood furniture like oak, teak, mango etc. it is important to provide high quality and regular treatment. Ideally you will need to treat this type of wood around four times a year, to keep it at its best. Any wood which is unfinished is prone to moisture and straining when in the home and can easily crack or split so furniture wax protection is very important.

You may be used to buying mass produced spray polish but due to their silicone finish they can dry out the timbers. That is why KiteNest beeswax furniture polish is free from any nasties and is 100% natural, giving life and protection to your hardwood furniture.

Our polish is between a creamed wax and the more solid varieties. This means that is the wax is still easy to apply whilst providing a strong barrier of protection. To treat your timber you will also need two soft cloths.

Use the cloth to apply our wax directly from the jar, apply sparingly and follow the direction of the grain of the wood aiming for a thin, even coat across the surface of the section. At first cover a small area rather than trying to cover the whole item in one application. You may wish to test a small area before application across the piece and we would recommend that you do this 24 hours before continued application.

If you find uneven areas after application then work on these specific areas so that you achieve a consistent layer. Following this you will need a fresh cloth in order to buff. Start lightly and once again follow the grain of the wood. The aim is create a degree of shine; the level of shine you wish to achieve will be down to personal preference.

The beeswax in our polish will give a rich sheen and unlike other products on the market will not leave a synthetic smell throughout your home. Our polish is lightly fragranced with natural oils to give a subtle mellow fragrance when mixed with the waxes, oils and natural turpentine gum.

Our customers have used KiteNest 100% Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish to care for fine furniture, doors, worktops and shed interiors to name a few and we’re sure you’ll be fantastically delighted by the finished results, though you may have a sore arm!

Remember though that to really keep the glow alive you will need to retreat again in a few months.