Make Your Own: Geometric Fence Art

Make Your Own: Geometric Fence Art

An activity to liven up any outdoor space. A mess-free activity for creativity and time outside.


  • Surface
  • Masking tape
  • Chalk or paint


Step 1: Decide with the little ones where would be a nice space to add a splash of colour. Using masking tape, mark out a rectangle or square.

Step 2: Fill inside the square with further lines of tape. You can place them at any angle, breaking up the square into lots of geometric shapes.

Step 3: Use chalk (or paint) to let your children fill in the gaps. If working vertically we found our little one’s arms ached very quickly. So take little breaks. When all of the gaps are filled, go over the edges making sure they are coloured up to each line of tape (this gives a better effect).

Step 4: Now, comes the magic. 1, 2, 3… let your children pull away the tape! Tada! Look at your own beautiful geometric artwork!

We hope you enjoyed this activity! If you gave it a whirl, we’d love for you to tag us and show us your finished masterpiece.