Our Top 5 Autumn Must-Haves

Our Top 5 Autumn Must-Haves

Colour is bursting all around us, the jumpers are making an appearance and we’re certainly feeling harsher elements of Autumn on our skin. But don’t worry, tis’ the perfect season to repair skin damage from the summer and to strengthen our skin for the winter. Here are 5 of our eco-treats for your skin this Autumn.

1. Orange & Ginger Himalayan Salt Scrub

Although summer sunshine feels glorious and much-needed at the time, all those hours exposed to the sun could have left your skin complexion dehydrated and worn. So, it’s important to fit in some exfoliating time to remove any dead damaged cells and prepping your skin to absorb more moisture over Autumn.

Our Orange & Ginger Himalayan Salt Scrub is loaded with nourishing oils to enrich the skin, while our purifying Himalayan pink salt gently exfoliates. This scrub will leave your skin soft, supple and radiant - no dry and tired skin here.

2. Organic Dry Shampoo

Anyone else get frustrated with Mr Wind playing up their hair? Fed of blowy days leaving your locks tired and flat looking? Well, we do have a solution! Made from 100% natural ingredients, our Organic Dry Shampoo invigorates tired hair, leaving it feeling nourished, refreshed and ready for whatever adventures you have planned.

Made of plant powders, clays and a zesty blend of Grapefruit and Lime organic essential oils, our natural formula absorbs excess oils from the scalp, leaving hair shiny and sexy. We also have a choice of two colours to suit light and dark hair, so you’ll never have to worry about dusty grey residue again. Simply massage in, leave for 30 seconds (allowing the powder to absorb excess moisture) and brush out. Ta-da! Voluminous, refreshed hair is no longer a shower away. Mr Wind can do one.

3. Orange Lip Balm

The harsher exposure to wind and biting temperatures can leave your lips cracked and dry. But do not fear… our cold-pressed orange lip balm is well-known for its uplifting properties. Orange essential oil is soothing to the mind and helps to relieve stress, it has a fresh, sweet, citrus smell and is a valuable treatment oil to keep your lips protected.

Our added nourishing Shea butter and coconut oil will keep your lips moisturised, bringing dry and cracked lips back to health. As lips lack the waterproofing outer layer that skin, we also add in beeswax to help seal a protective layer, allowing your lips to lock in moisture. That means, stronger and healthier lips right through to Christmas!

4. Natural Hair Wax

Don’t let the wind knock your mojo. Take control and give definition back to your hair with our 100% Natural Hair Wax. Our invigorating lime, eucalyptus and tea tree oils will stimulate and strengthen your hair, giving the perfect combination for healthy hair growth. You’ll only need to use a peanut-sized amount each time, so this tin will keep your hair in place all Autumn.

5. Body Butter

Hot summer days may have left your skin seriously dehydrated. So you need to lock in moisture before winter rears its head. Our Peppermint & Lime whipped body butter is packed with natural oils to nourish and enrich your skin giving you a noticeably softer feel. Apply sparingly as this butter goes a long way. It’s also naturally delicate so can be placed onto sensitive areas such as dry and cracked skin or freshly shaved legs without discomfort. Simply scoop, dab and rub!