Our Top 5 Zero Waste Must-Haves!

Our Top 5 Zero Waste Must-Haves!

Here at KiteNest, we’re super passionate about reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill as much as possible. That’s why we pride ourselves on using packaging that is not only recyclable but also re-usable at home and in your every-day lives. Here are our Top 5 ‘Zero’Waste’ products for you to indulge in this month!

1. Lip balm (various flavours including aniseed, spearmint and clove and lime)

Our natural lip balms really do contain wonder ingredients which can help improve many areas of your body (not just the lips!). All of our Lip Balms are lightly fragranced with essential oils and preserved using natural vitamin E. Find out how our lip balms can be secretly used to help with sore noses, open cuticles and achy joints here. These little tins are great for capturing the imagination afterwards - upstage them into little fairy baths or a safe place for passing on secret messages.

2. Salt scrubs

These plastic-free scrubs are for pure indulgence. We’re talking Pink Himalayan salt crystals infused with nourishing oils to enrich your skin. With added Sweet Almond, Coconut and Avocado oils, your skin will truly be exfoliated and left supple, soft and radiant. The hardest thing about this product? Choosing which scent to go for! We’ve got minty wake-ups, refreshing orange and ginger and scrubs that smell like Starburst! When you’re scrub is all gone, transform the jars into terrariums or a wormery for the kids!

3. Beeswax furniture polish

Furniture polish doesn’t always have to come in chemical-ridden spray cans. Our Beeswax polish is far gentler, is lightly fragranced with natural oils and is guaranteed to give your home a rich sheen. A unique blend of natural wax and pure gum turpentine creates a protective seal to guard your much-loved furniture against the hazards of home life, nourishing the wood to give life and longevity too. The tin can be saved and re-used as a tea-light holder or button container! Find out how to apply the product to your home here.

4. Lavender body butter

Our Lavender whipped body butter is packed with natural oils to nourish and enrich your skin giving you a noticeably softer feel. These tins stretch a long way, so certainly worth every penny. Our butters make excellent natural moisturisers which are devoid of chemicals, are easily absorbed and provide extra moisture and nutrients without clogging up your pores. Find out more about its healing and sun protection properties here. Our scents include lemon & rosemary, peppermint & lime and orange & ginger.

These larger tins make great storage solutions too. Need somewhere to keep those odd socks safe while they await their partner? Need to keep your lego hidden from the children? No one would know!

5. Natural Hair Wax

A 100% natural hair wax that won’t sting your eyes nor irritate your hair. Made with care, our natural hair wax uses invigorating lime with eucalyptus and tea tree oils to stimulate, strengthen and maintain healthy hair growth. You only need to use a peanut-sized amount each time, meaning this tin will look after you for a decent amount of time. The aluminium tin can be transformed into a penny tin, ‘man tin’ or goal posts for a round of finger football.