Plastic & Climate Change: How our Beauty Obsession is fueling Greenhouse gases

Plastic & Climate Change: How our Beauty Obsession is fueling Greenhouse gases

Everyone is talking about the impact of meat, dairy and fossil fuels contributing to climate change. But what about the relationship between plastics and climate change? Yes, we all know that plastic doesn’t end well when it comes to wildlife, pollution, and contaminated food webs. But when it comes to the foundations of producing it in the first place, plastic is a terrible culprit in the #climatecrisis. It seems that while everyone is arguing over plane flights and burgers, plastic keeps catching us out - in every single industry.

Since plastic is made from oil, it is one of the main sources of greenhouse gasses. In 2019, the number of greenhouse gasses emitted from plastic production and burning was estimated at over 850 million tons - the equivalent of emissions from around 189 coal-fired power plants! Let’s not ignore this.

All of the plastic in your make-up bags and gym bags are part of the issue too. The beauty and cosmetics industry is pumping out billions of plastics, pushing plastic waste onto YOU - the consumer.

This is irresponsible. You shouldn’t be burdened with plastic, or the guilt of it going to landfill. We’ve made it super-easy for you to still love and enjoy your favourite cosmetics, without the plastic guilt. Not only are our products plastic-free, but their packaging is durable, allowing you to reuse them again and again (see some of our ideas here). They are also fully recyclable too.

So, together, let’s #turnofftheplastictap! Here are 7 really easy plastic-free swaps we can help you with:

🌿 1. Switch to a shampoo bar.

🌿 2. Use a wooden comb or brush.

🌿 3. Swap disposable wipes for reusables.

🌿 4. Buy packaging-free soap (instead of bottled body wash).

🌿 5. Buy tinned lip balms.

🌿 6. Switch over to plastic-free hair wax.

🌿 7. Replace plastic-packaged face masks with our Himalayan Salt Scrub.

Head over to our online store to find plastic-free hair wax, body butter, lip balm, salt scrubs, soap and shampoo.