Recycle Like Crazy With These Simple Ideas

Recycle Like Crazy With These Simple Ideas

Long gone are the days when we’d buy something new before raiding every cupboard in the house to find a reusable substitute. KiteNest gets a huge buzz from keeping hold of old and used items and giving them a new purpose in life. For 2019’s Recycling Week, we thought we’d share these super-simple ideas. You’ll wonder why you’ve ever wasted spending money on new items…

1. Use as jelly moulds

No more plastic jelly moulds creeping into our homes, thank you. Be surprised at how many items of left-over packaging you and transform into jelly moulds. There are yoghurt pots, jars of all sizes and tins of all widths. Our tins are super sturdy for pouring and setting jelly in. Easy to wash too as you can pop them in the dishwasher.

2. Use as water pots

Don’t be wasting money on plastic water or paint pots. They won’t ever leave the earth. Instead, keep hold of old butter tubs or cosmetic tins and use those for painting and crafting projects.

3. Cuddle a candle

Light that candle you’ve been ‘saving for a special occasion’. Our tins are sturdy and safe for holding a candle. Create some ambience.

4. Create a desk tidy

You can’t ignore that mess on your desk or workspace for much longer (well, not without it driving you crazy). Collect up a few empty pots and get sorting… one for pens… one for paperclips… you know the drill.

5. Biscuit coasters‽  

The cure to no more crumbs in the bed. You’re welcome.