10 Tip for Self-care During the Winter Months

10 Tip for Self-care During the Winter Months

With all the things that make winter difficult - the cold, the rain, the short days, the way that heating dries out your skin - it’s more important than ever to keep looking after yourself. Here are 10 things that we recommend you do to keep your mind feeling summery in the depths of winter.

1. A hot drink

It’s an obvious one, and you were probably expecting it to appear somewhere on this list. But it’s not just a hot drink that you need. A cup of coffee wolfed down, either slightly too hot or slightly too cool, while you do the laundry, the hoovering and the dusting - somehow all at once - is not what we mean. This is a hot drink that you need to make count. You might remember the way hygge took over the world a few years ago, but it’s not the only fantastic idea those clever Scandinavians have. There’s also fika - taking a break. Take a break during your day, have your chosen hot drink, and decompress. Your mind will thank you for the time-out. And your stomach may thank you if you include the sweet baked good that often features in fika!

2. Hygge

Speaking of hygge - it’s still amazing. Hygge is what gives you cosiness and comfort and contentment. It’s reading by candlelight, it’s being wrapped up in a blanket, it’s sharing a meal with friends (maybe via video call right now!). Any time you find yourself doing these things, give yourself a moment to take a breath and think about how things like that make life better. Maybe hygge, and appreciating those moments, has something to do with why Scandinavians rate themselves the happiest people in the world, year after year.

3. Sunlight

We know, it’s cold. It’s cloudy. You don’t feel like going outside. But low Vitamin D levels have been linked to depression and low moods, so it's so important to get some sunlight. Go for a walk and get a double hit of Vitamin D and exercise!

4. Exercise

Speaking of which… exercise releases endorphins in such a healthy way. This doesn't mean you have to run a marathon every day, you can do whatever you can or whatever you want to, as long as you're getting your body moving. Try some yoga in the morning, some stretches on your lunch break, or - our personal favourite - have a little solo dance party in the evening.

5. Get smelly

We don't mean you, personally, need to go days without showering. We mean, keep your house smelling lovely. Light your favourite scented candle, or try out some seasonal scents.

6. Moisturise

Remember how we told you that being out in the cold and then coming into a heated house can make your skin feel dry and tight? Make some time in your day to look after your skin! It could be a hot bath with some oily bath salts, using your favourite body butter, doing a face mask - whatever it is, keep your skin soft and happy.


7. Get Crafty

Creativity is linked to a reduction in depression and other mental health issues. Pull out an old favourite or try your hand at something new, whether it's drawing, painting, knitting, photography, creating miniature versions of your family out of pegs and plasticine… get making and look forward to the pride when you see what you've created!

8. Cooking

If you're inside hiding away from the cold, it's a perfect time to start experimenting in the kitchen. Have a go at making some interesting stews and soups, try out some new healthy recipes, or get baking! Not only will the experience of cooking make you feel good, you get some tasty treats at the end of it.

9. Declutter

We've got to the point in the winter now where you know what you've worn and what you haven't. Go through your winter clothes and work out what you're wearing and what you're not. Have you got a warm, waterproof coat in the back of your wardrobe that you haven't worn for four years? Now's the time to pass that coat along - find a charity that collects coats for homeless people, or contact shelters to see if they could make use of some warm clothes.

10. Journals

Writing things down is a brilliant way to get your thoughts in line. You can go for a beautifully intricately designed bullet journal to double up your journaling or just get a simple little lined notebook and just start writing. 

Here at KiteNest, we want you to have a happy, healthy winter. Hopefully, these ideas have sparked some ideas on how you can make this happen! 

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