Small Batch Natural Cosmetics

Small Batch Natural Cosmetics
One of the first decisions that we made when we started KiteNest and our brand of 100% Natural cosmetics was that we wanted to make each of our products from scratch. That means we don't order any base mixes or ready made formulas, just raw natural ingredients.

This ensures that we can check everything that goes into each batch and check it for consistency and quality. With this comes a real sense of craftsmanship and a clearer understanding of the benefits and properties of every ingredient.

One of the other great things about small batch production is that it's difficult to judge exactly the right quantities to make a certain number of items. The benefit of this is that there is always a bit left over which means we can check and use every batch so we know that it's good enough to be purchased by our customers.

OK so sometimes a half filled tin of lip balm finds it's way into the hands of one of friends or family but nine times out of ten it's been used and check by me or Chris.

Finally if you ever have any questions about our products, how we craft them, the ingredients we use, and their properties then please get in touch