Tips for the Perfect Bath

Tips for the Perfect Bath

If there’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed to make you feel warm and relaxed in these cold winter months: it’s a bath. Here are our top tips on making your bath as relaxing as possible. 

Set the mood: Bright lights aren’t the best to relax into. Turn those big lights off and light some candles. 

Soundscapes: Listen to something that will help you relax. It might be music, a podcast, an audiobook… whatever it is, put on something that will let you relax. Just don’t put electronics near your bathwater! 

Easy reach: Is there anything more jarring than lying in a hot bath and then realising you have to get out to grab your shampoo? Set up a bath tray with everything you need in that bath before you get in, so you don’t have to do the awkward bathroom shuffle. 

Thirst-quencher: Take a drink with you. While the movies always show us someone lying in a bath with a glass of wine, you may find it helpful to have a glass of something non-alcoholic and cold to sip on if you get thirsty.

Pamper: Find a product that works for you. Something that’s moisturising, smells delicious and natural is what we recommend. A personal favourite is bath salts with essential oils (or salt scrub thrown into the bottom of your bath, which works just the same!)