What are the benefits of Using Products with Peppermint Essential Oil?

What are the benefits of Using Products with Peppermint Essential Oil?

Peppermint essential oil brings cooling, calming and energising qualities that it inhabits and it can be found in anything from tea to toothpaste, and lotions to scrubs. Like with all of our products we think it’s important to understand why each of the ingredients is there so let’s focus on the cool cookie that is Peppermint.

Talking about cool how does peppermint give you the chill factor? Well, one of the chemical compounds found within peppermint is menthol, which stimulates our cold sensors to give a chilling sensation. One of our great products that really gives you an idea of what that effect can be is our Minty Himalayan Salt Scrub.

So it’s cool to use peppermint, we’ve got that far and now how about that ‘wake me up’ sensation you get from using a product with peppermint. It’s been suggested that peppermint improves alertness, our memory and kick lethargy out the door. So how can it also be calming? Well that’s because it can speak to your brain. Quite literally peppermint activates the area within your brain responsible for waking you up in the morning and sending you to sleep at night.

But more than all of this put Peppermint on your feet like our in our Peppermint foot balm (available Spring 2016)? Firstly peppermint essential oil is both antibacterial and anti-fungal. Mixed with the benefits we’ve already talked about it make perfect sense to employ the benefits of using peppermint in foot balms.

The pores on your feet are thicker than other pores on your body allowing for a faster rate of absorption. This isn’t the only reason. Due to a lack of sebaceous glands (which create Sebum, the oily substance which waterproofs and lubricates the skin) better absorption is achieved.

Reflexologists believe that different areas of the feet correspond with your bodies different organs and systems. The reflex points of organs on the left side of the body have their reflex points in your left foot and the right side in your right foot. So in light of this believe the use of essential oils may help you reap increased benefits and help you to target certain areas and functions within your body.

Finally the soles of our feet are one of least sensitive areas of our bodies which make them a good place to use product using essential oil because as they are absorbed there is less chance of a reaction with skin.

Try it for yourself. Want to make a refreshing Peppermint soak for your body, then try mixing peppermint essential oil with Epsom salt to create some bath salts or a DIY foot soak. There are loads of guides online to help you out with the finer details.