What to Plant in June

What to Plant in June

The danger of frost is now over, so it’s the ideal time to sow many seed varieties outside and prepare the ground for bedding plants.

Top 10 Things to Plant in June

1. Oriental poppies - These long-lived poppies come in an array of colours. They have good winter foliage and an ability to thrive on poor soil. Our favourite is the upright pink ‘Raspberry Queen’. A poppy to turn heads.

2. Sunflowers - You can’t be them. Fast growers and bold and beautiful. You can even harvest the seeds after for your bird feeders.

3. Forget-me-knots - Great for bridging the gap between spring and summer try growing forget-me-nots. Sow in seed trays now, for colour next year.

4. Silene fimbriata - Pure elegance set to lighten up any dark corner. Their white pinked petals emerge from apple-green calices.

5. Iris sibirica ‘Silver Edge’ - A front border shiner with blue petals crisply edged in white. Its easy nature is great for beginners - just give it good soil and shelter

A sheildbug finds shelter in the Iris sibirica (c) Krzysztof Niewolny

6. Carrots - This is the last chance to sow maincrop varieties. Look for their orange-tipped heads peeking through for harvest in September and October.

7. Nasturtiums - Colourful and easy to grow they put on a community show of colour. They work well as companion plants for veg crops such as runner and french beans.

8. Nigella - scatter some seeds in your borders for some striking blue late-summer flowers.

9. Spring onions - Sow a couple of seeds batches during this month to ensure a continuous supply through the autumn.

10. Coreopsis - Now is the last month for sowing coreopsis outdoors. Our favourite is the ‘Incredible Dwarf Mixed’ which produces a froth of attractive, cheery flowers.

Coreopsis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. It's common name is tickseed (c) Antonio Grosz

Top 10 Garden Jobs for June

  1. Cut lavender for drying. Pick the flower heads before they open to retain its strong scent and vivid purple colour. Tie a bunch from the base of the stems with a rubber band and hang in a cool, dark and dry place.

  2. Mow the grass fortnightly.

  3. Prune spring-flowering shrubs.

  4. Plant out summer bedding plants and hanging baskets. Ensure to feed and water weekly to maintain optimum conditions for plant growth.

  5. Support tall-growing perennials. Long stems and heavy heads make them top-heavy and prone to flopping. Give them support by using frames or canes and tying the stems securely using twine.

  6. Harvest lettuce and rocket. Snip with scissors and watch them regrow. As you pick others salads to eat, sow more, to provide you with a constant supply throughout the summer.

  7. Feed and water herb pots at least once a week.

  8. Snip off and spray roses after they have flowered. This will stimulate the growth of new blooms and extend the flowering season.

  9. Plant greenhouse-raised beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, celery, courgettes, cucumbers and marrows outside

  10. Shade greenhouses to prevent them from getting too hot and scorching.

Nothing beats refreshing crunchy salad leaves on a summer's day (c) Phuc Long

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