When Should I Use Salt Scrub?

When Should I Use Salt Scrub?
Salt and sugar scrubs are quickly become more and more popular additions to our personal skin care regimes. A scrub like our  Himalayan Salt Scrub has been designed for use both in the bath or shower and anywhere else you can safely rinse it off.

Scrubs are perfect for regular use to remove dead skin and to soften skin. We can’t talk for all products but our blend of natural oils ensures that following use your skin feels soft supple and refreshed.

Sometimes it’s your hands that need some attention so quickly using a scrub on your hands, over a sink, can really soften and support the on-going rejuvenation of your hands.

Many people find that using a scrub before applying fake tan gives a longer life before the need for re application, but fake tan isn’t really mine and Chris’ thing so we’ll take your word on that one.

A mix of fine and coarse salt crystals ensure that you get the best and most efficient removal of dead skin and you can be as rough or gentle as you like in the way you use our salt scrub.

We would advise that you use a scrub gentle at first as over vigorous use could lead to scratching and damaging the skins surface. Our ultimate aim here is improved and healthy skin so take care.

Our salt scrub comes in a number of fragrances, with my own favourite being ‘Minty’. We created fragrance blends that are energising and invigorating, and because of this we feel they work best in the morning or after a long hard day.

I use the KiteNest scrub a couple of times a week and especially on those extra sleepy mornings when I can really do with a blast of energy. Our ‘Minty’ scrub does the trick for me.

Once you start using a salt or sugar scrub you’ll quickly find what works best for you and often more importantly what fits with your daily/weekly routine. It’s doesn’t take long but like any skincare treatment you should give the time and effort that your skin deserves so that you can reap the benefits.

Happy scrubbing!