Why should I switch to natural shampoo? 

Why should I switch to natural shampoo? 

Your hair is your crowning glory. Whether curly or straight, black or blonde, long or short, your hair is usually something your recognised by. With something so intertwined with your look, you need to be treating your hair with the love it deserves. Naturally. 

So - how can you do that? 

Just imagine, you’ve run out of shower products and you find yourself standing in that aisle, totally overwhelmed by the amount of choice in front of you. What do you go for? Most people would pick up a bottle of shampoo and a conditioner. But we’re here to tell you that this is not the best option for you, your hair, or the environment. 

Bid farewell to nasty ingredients

Many shampoos contain sulfate-based cleaners. They may leave your hair clean, but they strip everything out your hair in the process, including all of its natural oils and goodness. Long-term your hair ends up damaged, frazzled and dry.  

But, we hear you shouting at us, that’s what the conditioner is for! 

And yes, conditioners will counteract the damage that the sulfates are causing, at least for a while. That’s because they usually contain silicones, which will make your hair feel strong and shiny, and keep your frizz under control. Over time, though, they might leave your hair feeling heavy and lacklustre. 

To get rid of that gross feeling, you need to use sulphates to strip out the silicones, thus stripping the goodness and need to use silicones to counteract the sulphates, and then you’ll use sulphates to… you get the picture. 

Once you break this cycle, your hair will definitely thank you. 

Wave bye to plastic pollution

Where are all of these bottles ending up? 

Time for some statistics! In the UK, we’re throwing away 520 MILLION shampoo bottles a year. 82% of Brits admit that they really know which of these products can or can’t be recycled, and 44% of people say that if they’re not sure if it can be recycled, they ‘play it safe’ and put it in their general waste bin. This is costing the economy and the environment! 

The easiest way to stop all this confusion and waste is to stop buying hair care products in plastic bottles.

The eco alternative  

Shampoo bars are an excellent alternative to bottled shampoo. Here are some of our favourite things about using shampoo bars: 

  1. No plastic packaging - this means less waste and saving the environment! 
  2. They take up less space in the bathroom - your bar can sit in a soap dish in the shower
  3. Great for travelling - takes up less room in your bag, is lighter to carry, can be put into your carry-on luggage if you’re flying. You never need to worry about spillages. 
  4. Lasts longer than bottled shampoo - it’s easier to work out how much you need, you’re not losing unnecessary product down the plughole. 
  5. Amazing results - your hair feels lighter and cleaner and you can go longer between washes. 

Visit here to see more reasons why shampoo bars are kick-ass.

Good for hair, and good for your scalp

We all neglect our scalps. It’s always out of sight and out of mine. But when we use healthy, natural haircare products, we also help our scalp. A healthy scalp is the first step to healthy hair. Happy days.

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