Why we're giving you free Tree Bombs

Why we're giving you free Tree Bombs

You’ve spotted an odd-looking ball in your parcel. You didn’t order it. What the heck is it? That, dear customers, is a little package of Alder seeds. We’re giving one for free with every single order. No minimum spend. Find out why we’ve sent it and what to do with it.

Deforestation is the second major cause of climate change (after fossil fuel usage). Figures from WWF reveal a loss of 18.7 million acres of forest a year. Fewer trees mean fewer beings to clean harmful greenhouse gases and give us fresh oxygen.

Tropical forests are already taking up less carbon dioxide from the air, reducing their ability to act as “carbon sinks” and bringing closer the prospect of accelerating climate breakdown.

Recent studies from ETH Zurich have shown that the restoration of the planet’s forests and woodland is the most practical and effective solution to tackling climate change. Tree planting on a worldwide scale could remove two-thirds of toxic emissions from the earth’s atmosphere, therefore dramatically offsetting our Carbon footprint.. Its habitat creation will also help to recover the loss of biodiversity.

What should I do with my treebomb?

Treebombs don’t need ‘planting’ in the traditional sense. Alder trees do well in damper areas. Simply place/throw your tree bomb on unused ground. To add some fun, why not catapult your treebomb somewhere barren that needs some wilderness.

Why use Alder trees?

Alders are pioneer species - they take over virgin ground and improve surrounding soil fertility due to its ability to fix nitrogen from the air. They are beautiful and light and don’t require much ground and do not heavily shade out plants from growing underneath.

Their catkins provide an early source of pollen and nectar for bees and other early pollinators.

In winter, alder is sought out by flocks of Siskins and Redpoll, rarely seen, small but attractive finches. Both species feed on the seeds held within the miniature cones.

We’d love to see your pictures of you using your tree bombs. Please, tag us on our social media accounts with the #rewilding. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.