Why You Should Start Using Natural Cosmetics?

Why You Should Start Using Natural Cosmetics?

The Beginning of the New Year is a great time to start using new products. I don’t know why but to a lot of people the New Year holds a lot of sway in changing the habits of a lifetime and that’s why today I wanted to take a bit of time talking about the benefits of 100% natural products that do not use harsh chemicals and toxins.

On the whole just say that products are 100% natural is enough but for those of you that would like a little more information I want to point out some of the key information that may make you consider changing some or all of your cosmetics to 100% natural products.

Harsh Chemicals - Traditional cosmetics use a number of harsh chemicals which I will touch on briefly;

Parabens – These are absorbed into the skin, blood and sometimes the digestive system. Parabens are known for not only disrupting the hormone function but also for increasing the risk of breast cancer among many people as well.

Triclosan - Linked to hormone disruption and can even impact thyroid function. Just a small amount can trigger an antibiotic resistance making it harder to rid your body of things such as the flu or even an infection.

Benzophenone - Can cause cancer, organ system toxicity.

Oxybenzone – A derivative of the above this chemical accumulates in the skin and can lead to eczema. It is also identified in reducing fertility in men as well as increasing the likelihood of developing testicular cancer.

This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination but it does highlight a handful of the main offenders and I would strongly recommend that you read up more on the unwelcome side effects of these substances.

Nutrient Rich – Many natural and raw ingredients are nutrient rich and provide long lasting benefits like barriers for your skin and moisturising properties. Just giving the example of one of our natural ingredients, and one of the most common in natural cosmetics, you can see the huge benefits of going to nature.

Shea butter is common across many natural cosmetics and we use it to great effect in all our balms, butters and hair wax. Shea butter contains vitamins D and E, is anti-inflammatory and provides UV protection. When rubbed into the skin is can offer relief for cracked dry skin as well as burns and minors cuts.

Think of the Animals – natural and synthetic products alike are striving to tell you the reasons to use their range and one of the big deciding factors for many of us is around animal testing. All KiteNest products are free from ingredients which are tested on animals, it’s just a huge no for us.

What you probably don’t think about is what all the toxins in your soaps, gels and lotions do when they are washed down the drain. Now it is impossible to track each one of these but it has been found that the toxins we flush down our drain cause damage to many animals such as birds, fish and turtles. Moisture beads for example are often seen as food by fish but in fact deprive the animals of nutrients and can cause blockages in in their digestive tracts.

All we’re saying is that there are a lot of good reasons to go natural, with your products, and a lot of reasons to think twice about the synthetic based alternatives.