Zero-Waste Summer Essentials

Zero-Waste Summer Essentials

We’re all doing it. Thinking about what to pack for our summer adventures. Sun glasses, sun cream, flip flops, a book to run away with… check! But what about those of us off camping, hiking or brave parents challenging a plane with toddlers… what about looking after ourselves? What about our skin and hair care?

Say hello to our top summer essentials. All zero-waste and 100% natural. They are portable, durable and well to be honest… will make you look, smell and feel great. Let’s take a look.


Nothing screams out confidence more than perky lips. When your lips are pretty, you smile more and the whole evening becomes more adventurous. Keeping your lips hydrated during the heat is important. Our skin always takes priority, leaving our lips often neglected. Our zero-waste lip balms will fit in your back pocket or handbag, ready and waiting to revitalise and hydrate when in need. It tastes good too.


Freedom in a tin. This plant-loaded dry shampoo will absorb excess grease and add volume and shine to your hair - without the need for water! Our shaker application lets you apply your shampoo to wherever needed - simply massage in and brush through. Now you don’t need to be tied down to hotels with showers or worry about being caught outside dancing out in the rain.


The perfect after sun-care. When the evening hits and your skin is rather hot (although we sure you look ravishing!) make sure you cool down and hydrate your skin. Our whipped cream is airy and cool and will soothe away any dehydration. You’ll feel ridiculously smooth after. Pop your body butter in the fridge for that extra cool-factor. Insects are known for hating lemon too - so this may help deter unwanted friends.


A spa break in a jar. Been working those muscles for a marathon? Been knee-deep in the sand with the kiddos? This protects time for you. While taking a soak in the bath or shower, lather up your hands, feet, legs and face with our naked scrub to remove any signs of hard-work. Flush away dead skin, boost circulation and be left with radiant soft skin. Perfect for any get-away.


No need to stress about getting liquid shampoo through customs or it exploding over your beachwear with our solid Lemon shampoo bar. Loaded with plant magic, our bar combines the ultimate cleaning combo: May Chang, Cedarwood and Lemon. Together, it’ll make your hair zesty fresh, strong and revitalised. Lather up the bar in between your hands, and apply the soap directly to thoroughly wet hair. Keep your bar dry in between uses by storing in a pouch bag or tin.