Zero-Waste Valentines Box: Bathroom Essentials

Looking to treat your loved one in zero-waste style? How about this ethical starter-kit for the bathroom? 100% Natural and plastic-free essentials, without any compromises.


5 Stars Beautiful & natural product, exactly what I wasn't able to find on the high street. Love how it keeps the hair styled, but washes out easily also. Fast shipping, will definitely be back once this one is finished! :D Jacob de Graaf (Etsy)

Completely plastic-free, this special edition Valentine’s kit includes:

With the contents worth almost £30, you’ll be getting £5 worth of goodies extra.

You can always be sure that all KiteNest products are 100% natural with no nasty surprises, and none of our ingredients or products are ever tested on animals.

Furry / Scaly / Feathered friends rejoyce!