5 Super-Duper Family Activities to Try this Week

5 Super-Duper Family Activities to Try this Week

At home with the kiddies? Struggling for ideas? Or, want more fun activities lined up? Have no fear. These five activities have been tested on our very own kiddies. They went down well! Here are some simple ideas for the week ahead.


An activity to liven up any outdoor space. This mess-free activity creates beautiful geometric artwork! Choose how big or small to make it. See our step-by-step guide here.


Pancakes are a winner for all the family. Get your children involved in every process. From mixing up the ingredients to flipping the pan! Who can flip the highest?

Chop up lots of different fruit and toppings for them to decorate with. Can you create your family as a face of pancakes? Or transform them into animals?

Why not give our vegan pancake recipe a try? Ours are cooked with blueberries for a naturally-sweet kick and dose of vitamins. They add a vibrant splash of colour too.


We all love a freebie - especially one that keeps the kids content. So, never underestimate the power of an empty box. Their play opportunities are endless! There’s the classic DIY house or space rocket trick. Or, you could cut up your box and turn them into painting templates, or collect different sizes for a game of giant Jenga. We’ve been trailing lots of ideas and this ball drop was their favourite.

Draw around a cup to make perfect circles. Make as many circles as you need to the different coloured balls you have. Invite the children to decorate the box with you. Can they make the circles different colours? And let them attack the box with stickers.

Once your box is ready, there are so many games to play. You can match the ball to the correct colour hole. You can throw in the balls into different targets. Or trick your children into tidying away by shouting different colours and seeing how many they can pack into the box in 10 seconds.


Our super-easy two-ingredient bird feeder is a simple way to give your birds a helping hand. Children will love the cool sensation of the seeds and stickiness of the oil. You’ll feel great once your feathered friends pay a visit. This also leads to a bit of time spent birdwatching. Why not make some binoculars out of toilet tubes and get out those ID books?


Growing cress is suuuuuppppper easy! You don’t even need to worry about compost. Save back any eggshells or yoghurt pots and decorate them with silly faces.

Fill the base of your shells/pots with a tissue soaked in water. Sprinkle on your seeds. It’s THAT simple. Place them somewhere sunny and encourage your children to regularly spray them so they don’t get dry. Cress is known for growing very quickly, so before you know it your faces will be sprouting funky hairdos.